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Contact one of our Mortgage Consultants for help with calculating the most accurate payment estimates. Taxes and Insurance will vary by location/county/state.

Mortgage Calculator in Baltimore County, MD

Estimate the cost of home ownership with our easy-to-use mortgage payment calculator. Simply input the required information into our home loan calculator to view a breakdown of monthly payments.

You can also use our online calculator to estimate payments for a mortgage refinance. Before you apply for a mortgage refinance, enter your loan balance and potential new mortgage rate to see how much you can save on monthly payments. As mortgage interest rates change daily, to get the most accurate and up-to-date rates, call us at 410-604-4445.

How to Use the Baltimore City, Maryland Purchase Mortgage Payment Calculator

You need to enter several details into the mortgage calculator, starting with the purchase price of the home. You also need to select the length of the loan, which is referred to as the mortgage term. The most common mortgage term is 30 years.

Use the sliding scale to adjust the amount of your down payment and the estimated annual property taxes. Please note that the tax rate is Baltimore City is 2.248% of the home’s value, a higher rate than Baltimore County and other counties and Maryland, see County Tax Rates.

Adjusting the down payment in the calculator allows you to see how a larger down payment might impact your monthly mortgage payment.

Adjust the interest rate to reflect today’s interest rate. Keep in mind, mortgage rates change daily –you can find nationwide average mortgage rates at [] – or feel free to call one of our Mortgage Consultants for a more personalized daily rate quote based on your specific scenario. The default setting for our interest rate calculator is 6% (can we update this to 6%??). You can also adjust the annual insurance and monthly homeowner’s association (HOA) fees.

Why Use a Mortgage Payment Calculator?

Our calculator helps you estimate monthly mortgage payments. As the calculator updates the results in real time as you make adjustments to the term, down payment, interest rate or taxes, you can view the impact of making a larger down payment or the impact that the county tax rate has on your monthly payment.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or looking to refinance, use our mortgage calculator to estimate your payments. For more assistance obtaining a home loan contact our team at Harborside Home Loans.







Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest $1421

Monthly Taxes $1421

Monthly HOA $1421

Monthly Insurance $1421

*Please note this tool is only for the purpose of estimations and does not guarantee an actual loan rate.

Note: The purpose of this calculator is to provide an overall estimation, and it doesn’t guarantee the actual rate of the loans. Feel free to get in touch with our experts for further assistance.

County Real Estate Tax Rates

Allegany County .975

Anne Arundel County .933

Baltimore City 2.248

Baltimore County 1.1

Calver County .927

Caroline County .98

Carroll County 1.018

Cecil County 1.0279

Charles County 1.141

Dorchester County 1.00

Frederick County 1.06

Garrett County 1.056

Harford County 1.0279

Howard County 1.014

Kent County 1.012

Montgomery County .7178

Prince George’s County 1.00

Queen Anne’s County .8471

St. Mary’s County .8478

Somerset County 1.00

Talbot County .6565

Washington County .9480

Wicomico County .9195

Worcester County .8450